Wholesome Living on the New Earth

Are you ready for the change?

Hi, welcome! Glad you are here. I am Dr. Helen Shih, an advocate and leader for the movement of "Wholesome Living on the New Earth", part of the Holistic Revolution and Social Evolution happening across the globe. 

At this moment, humanity is facing major challenges and therefore is going through transformations both within and en mass during this special time of Earth Transition. Existing ways of living and thinking can no longer sustain us thus becoming obsolete. Old power paradigms and structures are no longer serving us thus crumbling. Things are shifting very fast, in constant flux, with changes and crisis coming everywhere. Many people are going through inner awakening and eye-opening experiences that set them onto a different path. 

Yet you may also feel disoriented, overwhelmed, confused, or at a total lost. Anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, attachment and addiction can also trap people in the dark past. How do you stay energetic and powerful, living a more authentic and vibrant state that is meaning and fulfilling for you? How do people work together to bring changes needed to communities and organizations worldwide? How can communities and organizations reinvent themselves to face unprecedented challenges and adapt themselves in the new world?

As a change facilitator and transformation catalyst for the last 20 years, I am bringing years of experiences on spiritual attunement, social advocacy, and community building to help individuals and organizations, small or large, to step onto a new path of re-connection and re-alignment of themselves. In order to not only survive but thrive in the New Earth environment, individuals and organizations must become aware and adapt to a high energy and high consciousness state, and bring the needed changes to their business or social campaign operations.

A New Humankind is being born and emerging on the New Earth. Together families and communities can live in harmony with each other and with the Great Nature. Together people can propel the wheel of evolution for humanity and for the planet life. This is ultimately why I am here and why you are here. 

Is this all possible? How do we get there? I am here to assist you along this path of self discovery, self creation, and self fulfillment.