Discover your Vision and Mission

Who am I? Why am I here?    

Hi, welcome! 

I am Dr. Helen Shih, a Vision and Mission Guide for life purpose and organization development. I help students, activists, and leaders of organizations, to discover their high purpose and accomplish what they intended to in their life journey.


At this moment, our society is facing major challenges and therefore is going through rapid growth and changes on both individual and collective levels. Things are shifting very fast, in a constant flux, with new emerging technologies, and with social-economic-political transformations happening across the planet.  


You may feel disoriented, overwhelmed, scatter-minded, confused, or at a total loss. Anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, and escapism are commonly felt. In order to not only survive but thrive in the new environment, you need a navigation system like an Inner GPS and experts who can guide and support you at this challenging time.


Having a high vision is like to launch a satellite that can help you see far and clear. Having a mission is to develop plans and organize resources to accomplish your tasks. As an experienced advisor, I am here to help you reconnect to your inner vision and to accomplish your mission successfully.


Do you think we are here to fulfill certain purposes and learn certain lessons from our life experiences? Keep an open mind and let's find out. You can read more to see what you can benefit by having a clear vision and mission to guide through your life journey and how to go through this process of self discovery and self mastery. Feel free to connect to us if you have any questions and thank you for visiting!