Wholesome Living on the New Earth

Are you ready for the change?

Hi, welcome! Glad you are here. I am Dr. Helen Shih, an advocate and leader for Wholesome Living on the New Earth, part of the Holistic Revolution happening across the globe. 

At this moment, humanity is facing major challenges and therefore is going through transformations en mass during this special time of Earth Transition. Existing ways of living and thinking can no longer sustain us thus becoming obsolete. Old paradigms and power structures are no longer serving us thus crumbling. Things are shifting very fast, in constant flux, with changes coming everywhere. Many people are going through inner awakening and eye-opening experiences that set them onto a different path. 

Yet you may also feel disoriented, overwhelmed, confused, or at a total lost. Anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, and addiction can also trap people in the dark past. How do you stay healthy and powerful, living a more authentic, holistic and fulfilled life that is meant for you? How can people work together to bring changes needed to communities and organizations worldwide? 

I am here to help you discover your higher purpose and connect to the sacred source of healing and guidance. Your journey can be far more joyful and powerful, effective and impactful, if you learn how to be aligned in your body, mind, and soul, for your life mission. You can be far more connected and cohesive by living in your Authentic Self, building communities by hands and hearts, and bringing a new future you truly desire. 

A New Humankind is being born and emerging on the New Earth. Together families and communities can live in harmony with each other and with the Great Nature. Together people can propel the wheel of evolution for humanity and for planet life. This is ultimately why I am here and why you are here. 

Is this all possible? How do we get there?