Wholesome Living on the New Earth

Are you ready for the change?

Who We Are

Dr. Helen Shih is an advocate and leader for the Wholesome Living on the New Earth, as part of the Holistic Revolution happening across the globe now. She teaches and practices holistic healing as the founder of Flow-of-Light Natural Health and serves as a spiritual guide and soul coach of the Light Within.

Having gone through the path with her own experiences and many others, Dr. Helen Shih sees that our physical life is not just about eating, sleeping, and working, but about cultivating our inner awareness, spiritual virtues, and deeper connection with the Great Nature, which includes everyone of us, and everything visible and invisible.

Her life mission is to help people reconnect and re-experience the wonder of living with the Great Nature, therefore, return to a new way of living, which is in fact our ancestors' or original way of living, in harmony within ourselves, with each other, and with Mother Earth. Without such an alignment, we are putting ourselves in peril, and planet life in peril.  

Dr. Helen Shih is also an active force of local communities and national organizations, in the areas of public education, environmental advocacy and empowerment of vulnerable communities. Education, environment, and enlightenment, sum up her passion and life work. She advocates for healthier and happier schools, green communities, heart-centered authentic connections, altruistic social progress and civic activism, which are some of the elements of "Wholesome Living". 

As more people are awakened to their true Essence and life purpose, she sees such changes will propel and wake up more people, leading to a Greater Good of our communities and society, and ultimately evolution of humanity and re-flourishing of planet ecosystem on the New Earth. In our future society, everyone can become an effective instrument and energetic vehicle for their High Self, rather than being subject to oppression, discrimination, deprivation, and exploitation by the old power structures and agenda. This shift has happened and will continue to happen worldwide. We are in fact witnessing and in the peak of the Earth Transition and Polarity Shift right now at this moment. Dr. Helen Shih welcomes everyone to be part of these Great Waves of Changes, learn how to surf and rise up with these cosmic waves, thus have the most powerful and joyful experiences you could imagine! Step onto your soul's journey and become who you are meant to be.