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Bio-Energy Scan: What is it?

Our body is a vast field of atoms, molecules, organs that are supported by the life energy. This field of energy has been called "Qi" or "Prana" in traditional Eastern medicine, and "Subtle Energy" in recent medical studies. It is the field being attended in acupuncture, body work, Reiki, and many healing arts.

Quantum physics has helped us understand the intricate energetic nature of our body and mind. Yet there is still a vast amount of unknowns in the pieces of the puzzle of this bioenergy field. It is still a mystery to many of us and is the subject of the cutting edge research for biomedical scientists. Nevertheless, we know in certainty that the harmony and vitality of the life energy contribute to our physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Diseases happen when your energy body falls apart from its Natural Harmonious State. The imbalances, disorders, or blockages of the energy field are subtle and easy to be changed initially (like the dark cloud of the sky gathering momentum). However, if left unattended, such patterns can settle into more solid state (in physical or mental-emotional forms), and become manifested as more serious diseases. This can be a gradual process that takes years to develop.

Why need Bio-Energy Scan?

The short answer is it is Earlier, Safer, and Cost Less! Bio-Energy Scan is the 1st step in your health and in early preventive care. You will learn the energetic state of your body, and pin-point the areas of disharmony and blockages so they can be removed earlier on.

For people who already have physical diseases, Bio-Energy Scan also helps to assess the underlying energetic causes of the disorders, and best ways to remove them at the root-level. This is the principle of holistic medicine.

Bio-Energy Scan is also completely non-invasive, safe, and efficient, as the "Green" technology of today's world. It costs far less, (only about 5-10% compared to conventional medical imaging scans depending on the complexity), and will save you a great amount of medical bills.

How to do Bio-Energy Scan?

We are specialized in the technology of Whole-body Infrared Scan for the purpose of Bio-Energy Scan. This has been termed traditionally as "Thermography or Thermal Imaging" used in medicine since 1970's. We started the scientific research and clinical studies in infrared imaging since 1995 and have just begun to understand the essence of this technology*.

Also known as "Thermal Texture Map" or TTM, we scan and detect energy and functional field of the whole body, from which the energetic health of the person can be evaluated. 

Traditional Bio-Energy Evaluation

Traditional Bio-Energy evaluation may also include reading of eyes, tongues, face, pulses, scanning fingers, toes, skins, and other body areas. This is based on the Holographic Principle of holistic medicine and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine, naturopath, massage or reflexology body work. We may combine these approaches in both your energy body assessment and in scientific studies when situation permits.   

*Some of the scientific works done by Dr. Helen Shih and her father (Dr. Zhong Qi Liu) as collaborators have been published in Medical Infrared Imaging, Principles and Practices, CRC Press, 2013. Dr. Liu is the inventor of the Thermal Textural Map, an application that is based on using infrared imaging.