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Who am I? Why am I here?    

Holistic Health & Conscious Living

Dr. Helen Shih's specialty is in holistic health and personal growth. She practices in her office of Flow-Of-Light Natural Health and supports everyone to become more aligned in their body, mind, and spirit. She sees our birthright is to live a harmonious, meaningful and rewarding journey if we learn how to shift our body-mind-soul to attune to our High Self. This is also a more conscious, inspirational, and graceful way of living in fulfilling the authentic purpose of our physical life.

Vision, Mission, and Life Development

Our physical life at this time of fast social transformation can be chaotic and hectic. You may feel a sense of loss and become dis-oriented. Frustrated and overwhelmed, you may not know where to go and how to get help. As a result, anxiety, depression, confusion, difficult to focus and make choices are some of the common problems. 

Having been on the healing and life transformative path since Year 2000, Dr. Helen Shih has a personal and in-depth understanding of the energetic and spiritual nature of life experiences at this time of Earth Transition. She is a gifted mentor who can help you reconnect to life purpose, lessons, and tasks. She assists especially emerging and existing leaders in their personal growth and organization transformation.

Community Building and Advocacy

Being active in her local communities and advocacy organizations, Dr. Helen Shih sees that social interactions can benefit our shared learning experiences (in the school called "Planet Earth"). Nobody is alone in our collective experiences. We will have much more rewarding and expanded awareness by actively engaging in "community learning", whether it is with family and social circles, or in workplaces and organizations. Restoring this connection is urgently needed at this time to re-align our life work with higher purpose so that leaders, in whichever field and domains they are functioning, can lead by example and re-kinder the lost values in our society. 

Dr. Helen Shih is a visionary leader, a community organizer, and a change facilitator in assisting individuals and organizations to deliver the social impact or outcome intended. She is a natural team builder and strategic planner, as she sees how things need to be organized and how people with different talents can fit together to form cohesive networks. 

Dr. Helen Shih has worked in personal empowerment and green community building, and sees the transformation of power structures (organization building) happening on both local and global scales, leading people to a higher state of consciousness and high-impact (energy efficiency is an important indicator for organization success and social progress).

She envisions that humanity is entering a new phase of evolution, with a more wholesome and holistic state of co-living with each other on the New Earth. You can read about Earth Transition and Polarity Shift describing these changes and transformations.