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Earth Transition: What is it?

We wouldn’t say it is a particular year or particular decade, but rather it is a window of time that makes this particular period we are living now very interesting, as large-scale changes are happening rapidly. They started a long time ago, perhaps in the 1960’s, or even 1900’s. Changes and transitions have never stopped, but are always occurring. 

Everything in the Universe goes through life cycles. A tree, a person, a country, an ecosystem, Planet Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy … The list goes on and on. Things initially come together and then disintegrate. Such a life cycle also has different phases, just like how a human body ages and continues through its life span. 

Think about your heartbeat. As your heart contracts and relaxes continuously, major changes happen during a small fraction of the entire heartbeat cycle, or the “Transition Period”, during which the heart goes from contraction phase to relaxation phase. In a similar way, our life cycle has its own rhythms and phases. The same is true for the evolution of humanity as a whole. Each type of cycle has unique “Transition Periods” when the movement changes from one phase to another.

So what is special in the current time window? To put it into a simple way, the cyclic nature of human evolution and of the natural environment, have come to a convergence point, or "synchronicity” - major shifts and transition periods are happening about the same time. In a symbolic way, the "heartbeats" of the human evolution cycles and of the Earth cycles are coming to a convergence point in this time window that we are living now (this is why it is called a "Synchronicity" or "Convergence"). Read more about different cycles affecting our Earth environment on NASA's website.

Another way to think about this, is the New Year Eve of Year 2000. It is the endings or new beginning of the day, the month, the year, and the century happening at the same time! It is a very unique time period because the four new beginnings are occurring at the same time, though this New Year Eve of Year 2000 is rather man-made because of how the Gregorian calendar is defined.

Because of the convergence of the transition periods in the human and natural cycles, things may appear to undergo rapid changes, with a great resonance of movements occurring together, over the time period we are living now. The time elapsed depends on which cycle we talk about – it could be a few hundred years in the cycle of human history, a few thousand years in terms of the Earth cycle, or even millions of Earth years in terms of the Sun’s life span. 

The Heartbeats of Life Cycles

Imagine the heartbeat of the body - it stays flat and quiet for a relatively long duration (just to prepare for the pulse that is coming), then there is a small jump, then immediately a sharp rise comes, followed by a quick fall and ripples afterwards. 

Looking back at human history, you can see a similar pattern. There could be a period of time that was relatively long, quiet and calm, with little changes happening. Then suddenly something triggered a commotion or social unrest. This was followed by a series of major changes and revolutions happening one after another, propelling great waves of movement. The rippling effects can be felt a long time afterward. 

Consider these changes are just like how the heart beats inside of us and how progress is being made around us, which bear a similar nature. Everyone can feel the fast pace of changes happening in the recent few decades, isn't it, as if time has been accelerated and compressed? In fact, the word of "transformation" and "change" can be seen and heard in every aspect of the society during this special transition period.

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