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The Changes - "Polarity Shift"

Imagine the pendulum of a clock swinging back and forth around its center of gravity. The transition period is the time window when the pendulum swings to its end and turns around. Or in terms of an hourglass, the greatest changes will happen when it flips to the other side. Using the heart beat example, when the heart goes from the contraction phase to the relaxation phase, that's when the greatest change occur as well.

When things reverse to their polar opposite, we will refer to this as a "Polarity Shift". This is different from the “Pole Shift” when the Earth magnetic poles reverse themselves according to NASA, although the phenomenon is also one type of “Polarity Shift” in the nature world.

Not only magnetic fields and electric charges have positive-negative poles, many things in nature exist in polar opposites, from quantum particles to strands of DNA, from different seasons on the planet to gender divide. Even in society, there are opposing views, the contrast between rich and poor, rulers versus citizens, etc.

Between the two sides, there may be one side that is more dominant, aggressive, outgoing, intense, and active. The polar opposite is more receptive, docile, introvert, or passive. For example, in a male-female relationship, this polar contrast can be quite obvious. The binary existence is everywhere in nature, as the two sides balance off and compliment each other. 

Using a parent-to-children relationship as an example, parents take the dominant side when children are young. This relationship will switch to the opposite side when parents get old, and children become adults and take a more dominant role in the family. This is exactly what happens during the “Polarity Shift” or the transition period.

In society, polarity shift happens when the two opposite sides of the society switch orders, just like the parent-children example. Think about the rich becoming poor and poor becoming rich, or when the ruling class collapses, and the oppressed ones rise to the power. This has happened many times in human history and certainly can bring a great deal of uncertainties and commotion.

And then there are power shifts happening now between males and females, between old generations and young generations. In this Yin-Yang Polarity Shift, women have and will continue to become more powerful and the main source of change in the society (Yin is the feminine side, Yang is the masculine side). Think of the power structure of the old versus the young. Today's children and younger generations are far more powerful and digitally adaptive or technologically capable than their older parents or grandparents. 

Another major shift happening within the global community is the change from the head to the heart. The intellectual and mental development of the human race must be balanced by compassion and altruistic intent from the heart-centered development. Otherwise, abuse of science and technology, use of mental faculty for selfish-gain and private interests will bring destructions to the entire human race and the planet.

People will need to learn how to reconnect to their feelings and emotions, as in a "heart-centered" relationship. This will fundamentally change the way how people relate to each other, how communities are formed, and how business is conducted. More importantly, the way how people are related to the Planet Earth and life on the Planet Earth will go through a major transition (reverse of the mindset) to give a way to a more sustainable way of living that makes a more ecological sense and more altruistic sense to all lives on the planet. More people will recognize the fact that they cannot live independently and separately from the planet life but are an intimate part of it to serve a good stewardship for the large Earth family.

The Other Side of You

The Polarity Shift for humanity overall, in a nutshell, is about how you can overcome the collective karma and thousands of years of human conditioning which are defined and confined by the ego's needs and greed. As all cultures and traditions have taught over thousands of years - there is an upside down world that how saints and gods live. Most people cannot see and sense its existence, because the way how the human mind operates and looks at things is completely the opposite of the Universal Mind. Humanity is entering a particular time window corresponding to the Earth Transition period, during which many people are going through spiritual awakening and many more are in the process of switching over to the Universal Mind - the opposite of the human ego. 

Some people may call this process "awakening" or "ascension", but it is more accurately a Polarity Shift. When you are able to make this switch, you begin to identity yourself more and more with the Universe Mind rather than the human ego. You may feel more energy and power are coming from within rather than from outside sources such as money, status, and authority figures. At the same time, you may become clear in what you want to do, where you shall go, and who you should be friends with, driven by a sense of high purpose rather than your ego's lack and greed.