Wholesome Living on the New Earth

Are you ready for the change?

From "Power Without" to "Power Within"

Corresponding to personal transformation, on the societal level, the old paradigm of “Power Without” will be replaced by a new paradigm of “Power Within”. The existing power hierarchy will fall apart which very much looks like a pyramid, having a selected few dominant rulers sitting on the top, controlling and exploiting the rest of the organization or society. This old system will be collapsing and crumbling away, as it can no longer serve the people and sustain their growth. The oppressive and punitive nature of the old power structure, driven by the collective human ego, limits everyone's potential and is even harmful to those sitting on the very top themselves, as they can become more power-addictive and self-possessed.

This pyramid of the "Power-Without" will be replaced by a more holistic structure, which looks more like a mandala of a flower, that is more aligned with the Universe Principle: every member or individuals in the ecosystem can serve as their own power center, and enjoy their own freedom of growth and expansion, living with grace and peace. This is the "Power-Within" mode. 

A good example here is the current monetary system, which does not serve the people, but rather is used to manipulate and enslave others. Do you see this thing called "money" flowing around in nature when you take a hike in the mountains or take an airplane ride in the sky? It exists nowhere in nature but only in people's mind. From an energetic point of view, the money machine however, is an illusion or hologram running the human society and dictating people's behavior, looking like a vortex that continues to suck and devour energy into it. 

It is able to survive up to this point as long as people believe they need more money, or live with the sense of lacking in their ego's greed. Have you met millionaires and billionaires who said they have enough money and they don't need any more? Or they continue to pour their money into something bigger and want to get more? This money illusion has blinded people's vision and poisoned their souls. It has corrupted governments and put society in peril. If you continue to let it run as the way it has, no double it will devour the whole humanity and swallow up the entire planet ecosystem, if not the whole Earth.

But in reality and looking from the Universal Mind, every human being is born to breathe and move, as freely as birds in the sky. Every human soul is connected to the Universal web of life, and receives energy as freely as flowers in the field. What has made you believe otherwise, that you cannot live without yielding to the illusion of the money machine? Why should you continue to subscribe to its falseness and demands? 

You will likely see in your lifetime, a new currency system that can truly serve the people, representing how energy flows in the Universe, rather than the old hierarchy that is deceiving and enslaving people. How soon and how effective this new system is coming into play will largely depends on how much you can abandon the attachment to the old system, how you can be re-aligned with your own power center, in other words, how you can make the shift yourself, and how you can work together with many others to enable this change.    

Symptoms of the Change

Changes can be messy and chaotic, like major social movements that have happened in the past. The birth of a new system may have to go through painful struggles, just like the birth of a new child. There will be risks involved, and moving back and forth or fluctuation in an unpredictable way. It is like an hourglass reaching its tipping point, highly unstable and can be easily tilted to either way. 

In mid of the transitions and transformations, polarization of the society will become common. One group of people naturally want to resist the change and but hold on to the old paradigm. It at least gives them a false sense of security, familiarity, and predictability. The old way of order and structure are what they want to cling to and preserve. This happens especially to the selected few who dominate and benefit from the old system with their privileges. To let it go certainly feels like a death sentence to them, which they will attempt to fight and resist till the very end. However, if you can make them see how they can also benefit from the new system, and how promising a new future can be appealing to them as well, they will be able to make the switch more easily without overdosing themselves with pain and bitterness. 

On the other hand, those who have been exploited and taken advantage of may get very impatient and infuriated. Anger and frustration will be the most common emotions coming up, as people attempting to rebel and free themselves from the old power structures. Some people may even fall into depression or despair if they cannot see the success of their repeated struggles and end up losing the hope. Confrontation between the old and the new can become intense as the conflicts are being brought open to the surface, as if a volcano is erupting with too much internal pressure built up. 

As the hourglass of the society is being further flipped over, power structures and society hierarchies will be reversed. Things can become even more chaotic and volatile. Many folks may get very dis-oriented, confused, lost, forgetting why they are in part of this Polarity Shift and which side they should go along. Without such an acknowledgement and clarity, they may feel being pushed and crushed by others, victimized or traumatized. Many may feel overwhelmed and stressed out if they are trying to do too much. Some may fall in the position of anger, hatred, even desperation, especially if they are trying to antagonize or being antagonized by those who may disagree with them.