Wholesome Living on the New Earth

Are you ready for the change?

Holistic Health & Self Care

Most people associate holistic health as herbs and nutrition, but this professional field has exploded and grown to a very wide spectrum of services, including acupuncture, homeopathy, and many other new modalities coming. Dr. Helen Shih's specialty is in mental-emotional health and energy healing. She teaches natural and holistic ways of self care and self healing to help individuals stay healthy and cohesive, become aligned in body, mind, and soul, and in harmony with themselves and with others. She sees everyone can live a happy, meaningful, and productive life if they learn how to balance themselves and simplify their needs. You can learn more from her office, Flow-of-Light Natural Health

Spiritual Connection & Alignment

Having been on this path for 20 years and met many spiritual seekers with similar experiences, Dr. Helen Shih has a personal and in-depth understanding of the spiritual nature of the human journey. She is connected to healers and teachers worldwide who are coming here to the planet assisting in the spiritual awakening and Earth Transition at this special time. She is gifted to bring her insights and talent, helping people discover their true Essence and life mission. 

As a gifted channel and connector to bridge the visible and invisible, Dr. Helen Shih offers the guidance and inspiration from higher dimensions, and assist you to experience what it is like to be connected to your Higher Self or "Home of the Soul" as she calls it. She sees in order to live a more fulfilled and rewarding life, our body, mind and soul must be attuned and aligned to the sacred source of the Great Nature. Without such a deep connection and constant influx of energy, we will be like withering flowers drooping in depression and anxiety, looking for even harmful and self-destructive outlets to suppress anger and fear. This is partially why many people are having mental disorders in the modern society as they are cut off and disconnected from nature and the Great Nature. Restoring this connection is urgently needed at this time to bring back the acknowledgement of who we truly are and why we are here. You can read more about her spiritual work of her website: Light Within.

Community Building and Organization Development

Being active in her local communities and national organizations, Dr. Helen Shih sees that all human interactions are beneficial and crucial in shared learning experiences in the school called "Planet Earth". Nobody is alone in this path, and the school will be very boring if you are the only student (although sometimes you may secretly wish so).

However, the success of bringing people together, working more cohesively and effectively, with intended social impact is an art and science by itself. The principles are in fact inline with fundamental physics, human psychology, and energy healing (or energy work, in a spiritual term).  

Dr. Helen Shih is a visionary and natural leader in team building and community organizing, with her skill in seeing how different people with unique roles and energy patterns can fit together to form synergy and cohesive networks. Group dynamics is the most important part of energy work that organization leaders and community organizers must learn and develop, let it be either small business or large non-profits, governmental or private settings. The process is almost like annealing or crystalization, as each person has its own unique energy pattern, and as such can fit into a group that best serves its members and shared purpose. 

She has worked in personal empowerment and green community building, and sees transformation of power structures happening on a global scale, leading people to a higher state of consciousness and more effective way of working together. She envisions that humanity is entering a new phase of evolution, with a more wholesome and holistic state of living with Mother Nature on the New Earth. You can read about Earth Transition and Polarity Shift describing these changes and transformations on Dr. Helen Shih's website.