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Regain Clarity in the Time of Chaos

At this moment, humanity is facing major challenges and therefore is going through transformations both within and en mass during this special time of Earth Transition. Existing ways of living and thinking can no longer sustain us thus becoming obsolete. Old power paradigms and structures are no longer serving us thus crumbling. Things are shifting very fast, in constant flux, with changes and crises coming everywhere. Many people are going through an inner awakening and eye-opening experiences that set them onto a different path. 

After many years of search and research along the path of holistic health and spiritual development, Dr. Helen Shih has come up with a more scientific and holistic way of defining "health" as a "Natural Harmonious State of Being" of the body-mind-soul. What does this mean? Learn how you can step into your Roadmap to Health, find your source of health and healing, and regain Clarity in the Time of Chaos.

What is "Self Care" for activists and leaders?

Nowadays, the word of "Self Care" has become a buzz word. But what is truly "Self Care"? Many people on the spiritual path or leadership development confuse between self care and selfish care. Others think leaders need to sacrifice themselves to prove they are true leaders. Still others think self care is about taking a vacation somewhere else, or going to a meditation retreat in mountains (which can be helpful and become part of this process).

As a teacher of holistic health, Dr. Helen Shih sees that the purpose of self care, is about sustaining yourself to be in your best state of being and live in a natural harmonious state, in relationship with yourself and with others. This is also the same goal as holistic health, which is about bringing balance, harmony, and vitality to your entire being and entire social environment. 

When you live in your radiance, you can be at your peak performance and serve others better. You can help elevate others to their best state of being and become a role model for your environment. This is different from only serving your own selfish interests or indulging in pleasure seeking disregarding others (which is selfish care).  

As leaders, it is difficult to inspire and lead others if leaders themselves are not in tune with their inner rhythms or not in alignment with their highest good. This is why self care is even more important for activists and leaders, who need to develop a habit of putting themselves under the best condition and in a self-sustainable way.  

Although going to vacation and mountain retreats is also a good idea and can be very helpful, many people find life will fall back to where it was before with even more work gets piled up. Dr. Helen Shih advocates true self care through hour by hour and day by day bases with yourself, no matter where you are and who are with, because only yourself can sense where you are in terms of your own energy state. To stay aligned with your Authentic Self and optimal energy state is the true state and practice of self care.

What is holistic health for individuals and organizations?

Living in the state of holistic health helps us to be in full alignment and in resonance with forces inside and outside. It is a state of grace, ease, and beauty - truly the state of who we are in our most essential and the Highest Good (see Road Map to Health under this topic). 

At the same time, we can also be authentic to ourselves, serve ourselves and serve others in more effective and altruistic ways, in building healthy organizations and healthy communities. When organizations and communities are built based upon such holistic principles, their outcome is to bring the best to the individual members and people they serve, rather than their self interests in sacrificing others' interests. Such organizations are therefore more cohesive, productive, and sustainable with happier and healthier members who work together to deliver needed impact and services to our society.

Many people have had a moment of such an enlightened state of being, yet still wonder how this is possible, and can we really live in this state that sounds like a fantasy? While, please remind yourself that this is actually how we are born with, and as a matter of fact, how trees, birds, and forests, live out in nature, in the global ecology system, worry-free and in abundance. And everyone of us has had such an experience of living in our best self, productive and happy.

Our modern life of super competitiveness and over-industrialization have cut ourselves away from this reality, and trapped us in the illusion of scarcity, perpetual anxiety, greed and neediness. Our relationships with ourselves and with nature are put under a strain as we are increasingly feeling isolated and scared, fighting and in conflicts within ourselves and with others.

As a result, many of us are falling into depression and anxiety caused by either social-economic deprivation or materialistic over-consumption. This is why the time has come that we must examine deeply within ourselves what is the driving force within, and how the tide has to be turned back towards collective wellbeing rather than selfish pursues. Holistic health is urgently needed in our society for individuals, communities, and organizations. Our entire society needs to reconnect to the Great Web of Life and support the growth of the ecosystem that we are part of, in tune with our true purpose of physical living on this planet.

What is "Wholesome Living on the New Earth" and how it may bring the societal change?

Not only we can stay individually in the state of wholeness ourselves, but we can live together in peace and harmony with our communities and with Mother Nature (read about "Light Within" as Dr. Helen Shih's personal transformation). We will be able to connect with other people in a more meaningful and cohesive way, build communities and lead to social progress. Productivity and abundance will come naturally from everyone living in their own best state of being, without greed and the need to use excessive forces, violence, or cause anxiety, stress, conflicts and aggression to others.

This is the way communities, cities, and even countries, can be brought back together, in more healthy, effective, and peaceful ways, leading to global progress and humanitarian advancement. Violence and destruction to nature are completely unnecessary, if we become more conscientious and efficient in using energy and natural elements. Our skill to be nature protectors, builders, and collaborators will be enhanced and strengthened so that humanity can become a more benevolent force of the planet life and ecosystem rather than as polluters and destroyers. 

The hallmark of Wholesome Living is everyone can be at the best of who they are, and communities can be in their best state of harmony. A perfect multi-colored mandala flower is the symbol and vision for such communities and countries in peace and productivity. This is not only possible but attainable if we practice the principles of Wholesome Living on the New Earth

After experiencing and witnessing people and communities worldwide awakened to this possibility and reality, Dr. Helen Shih sees more and more people are joining forces working towards this New Earth movement and global transformation. It is happening on individual levels and community levels worldwide. At the same time, these changes may also bring turmoils, chaos, and social unrests (see Dr. Shih's writing on Earth Transition about such changes).

As you shift to a higher state of living and wholesomeness, you will be able to bring its awareness to people around you and radiate this vibration that can help uplift others connect to you. In essence, everyone is a master of their own making, and together, we are co-creating a future that is coming to us one day at a time. This is the vision and mission of the Wholesome Living on the New Earth, and ultimately how we can build heaven on Earth as desired by everyone in the human family.