Wholesome Living on the New Earth

Are you ready for the change?

What is Holistic Health?

Holistic health is not about getting rid of diseases or numbing up pain as fast as it gets, but about seeking underlying causes and addressing the disorder in a systematic and holistic way. The ultimate goal is to bring balance, harmony, and vitality to our body, mind, and soul together, which is truly the state of wellbeing and health. In the process, we no longer see diseases with fear, but a doorway for healing and inner transformation, leading us back to wholeness. Holistic health touches all aspects of physical living, including even our relationships, career, and social elements. A happy and fulfilled life starts from a foundation in holistic health. You can find more explanations, principles and practices of holistic health on Dr. Helen Shih's website: Flow-of-Light Natural Health.

How does energy healing work?

Our body, mind, and soul are part of an infinite web of energy that connects all life and all forms, visible or invisible. Specific to our body is the "Human Energy Field" that Eastern medicine has described in acupuncture and yoga systems. Diseases in fact start from disturbances of this energy field, and eventually are manifested in the body, or as mental and emotional patterns. Naturally, to treat such disorders, we must address the underlying energy disturbances first and foremost. 

Gifted healers can sense and see such disturbances as blockages, impasses, deficiency, or excess, in the human energy field, just as how engineers can diagnose and treat problems in the electric grid. Acupuncture, electromagnetic devices, biochemical markers are different ways to access this energetic system. All forms of medicine in fact carry energetic changes. Nowadays, there are new modalities from EM, sound therapy, art therapy, and many others available in medicine. Energy healing practiced by Dr. Helen Shih and many other gifted healers, relies on the energy field of the healers themselves, who serve as a conduit and modulator to either remove the excess, open up the blockage, or restore the balance. 

She also uses other holistic techniques such as meditation, deep relaxation, regression, etc, to help release buried trauma (which is essentially a form of energetic imprint and memory) and clear the negative effects. This leads to more open, clear and clean energy field, with a much stronger connection with the Sacred Source of Universal Energy Field. You can learn more about energy healing also from Dr. Helen Shih's website above.     

What is Wholesome Living?

Living in the state of holistic health helps us to be in tune with the Great Nature, with our energy field connected to and in synchrony with the expansive, vast web of life on the planet and beyond. Our body, mind, heart, and soul will be in full alignment and in resonance with forces inside and outside. It is a state of grace, ease, and beauty - truly the state of who we are in our most Essence and the Highest Good. At the same time, we can also be authentic to ourselves, be creative, powerful, productive and effective for what we need to express and accomplish. 

Many people have had a moment of such an enlightened state of being, yet still wonder how this is possible, and can we really live in this state that sounds like a miracle? While, please remind yourself that this is actually how we are born with, and as a matter of fact, how every tree and bird, every fish and dolphin, live out in the nature, worry free and in abundance. Our modern life has cut ourselves away from this reality, and trapped us in the forgetfulness of who we truly are and how we can live free.

Wholesome Living on the New Earth

Not only we can stay individually in the state of wholeness ourselves, but we can live together in peace and harmony with our communities and with Mother Nature. We will be able to connect with other people in a more meaningful and cohesive way, build communities and lead to social progress. Productivity and abundance will come naturally from everyone without greed and the need to use excessive forces, causing anxiety, stress, conflicts and aggression.

This is the way communities, cities, and even countries, can be brought together, in a more healthy, effective, and peaceful ways, leading to global progress and humanitarian advancement. Violence and destruction to nature are completely unnecessary, as we become more conscientious and efficient in using energy and natural elements. Our skill to be nature protectors, builders, and collaborators will be enhanced and strengthened so that humanity can become a more benevolent force of the planet life and ecosystem rather than its polluter and destroyer. 

The hallmark of Wholesome Living is everyone can be at the best of who they are, and communities can be in their best state of harmony. A perfect rainbow colored mandala flower is the symbol and vision for such communities and countries in peace. This is not only possible but attainable if we practice the principles of Wholesome Living on the New Earth. 

After experiencing and witnessing people and communities world wide awakened to this possibility and reality, more and more are joining this New Earth movement and global transformation, which some spiritual teaching refers to as "Ascension".

As you shift to a higher state of living and wholesomeness, you will be able to bring its awareness to people around you and radiate this vibration that can help uplift others connect to you. In essence, everyone is a master of their own making, and together, we are co-creating a future that is coming to us one day at a time. This is the vision and mission of the Wholesome Living on the New Earth, and ultimately how we can build heaven on Earth as desired by everyone in the human family.