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Roadmap to True Health

2. Understand the Disease Process

Like the clear blue sky starts to gather dark clouds, diseases start from earlier subtle disorders. It is truly a disorder or disturbance of the natural harmonious state or your energy field, and can happen at cellular level or organ levels from microscopic disturbances. Such disturbances often start from a physical insult or emotional trauma, or even as mutation of genetic information. Today's science has shown us that diseases can happen at such a microscopic level including virus invasion, bacteria infection, chemical toxicity or other foreign insult which are not being warded off or cannot be repaired on time. 

Medical field may attribute diseases to genetic disorders, immunity disorders, and many different names of the diseases and causes, which can be traced back to such energetic invasion or microscopic insult that are not being attended or healed. Eventually such disorders aggravate and manifest as physical symptoms and illness in the physical body or in the emotional-mental fields. All these disorders affect the vitality, integrity, and harmonious state of our energy body, which eventually will show up as physical or mental alarm. Yes, diseases are essentially alert and alarms that are asking us for change and correction.

Modern life in busy cities can cause a very high stress and insult to our body, mind, and soul. Not only we are surrounded by tempting junk food, endless media or social media bombardments, but also environmental pollution, hectic and isolated life style, and aggression of the mind driven by greed and indulgence. Many people may experience chronicle fatigue, lack of energy, auto-immune disorders, physical pain, neurological disorders, cancer, depression, anxiety, and many other types of subtle or chronicle conditions, some of them can be hard to diagnose and find a cure. 

Such disorders may manifest as difficulties in other aspects of life as well, such as emotional health, relationships, financial management, use of drug and resort to violence, etc, because disorders have rippling effects not limited only to the physical body but can propagate to other aspects of physical living. 

3. Identify Disorders and Causes

Because of the subtleties of energy disorders, initially they can be difficult to be felt physically or measured by medical instruments. Yet signs of energetic disturbance can be picked up by careful examining of the body and its energy field (using Bio-Energy Scan, for example). Meanwhile, many factors are involved in causing such disorders: physical (diet, genes, living habit, etc), emotional-mental, environmental including social environment, and spiritual layers.

Identify and removal causes of disorders are the first step of how you can start towards your healing. Often such disorders can be felt inwardly by ourselves. That's the amazing thing about our own awareness. When we learn to tune within ourselves and sharpen our own awareness of whether we are in the state of health or have come out of balance, we can bring the needed correction on a timely fashion.

4. Create Healthy Shift

Energetic shift  and conscious healing can help remove the causes and conditions of diseases, improve immunity, and boost energy of the body. This process is completely scientific guided by Bio-Energy Scan and involves various well-established healing practices/exercises, such as the ancient Qi Gong form used in Chinese medicine. 

Apart from modern medicine which has made continuous progress towards understanding of the diseases and development of more effective treatments, many energy healing techniques are also burst into existence today, including emotional release, mental de-cluttering, detoxification of the energy field, proper exercises, and spiritual re-alignment. The effect of energetic shift is to harmonize and rebalance the energy field and consciously bring the correction needed.

The final goal of healing is to realign your Body-Mind-Spirit and restore your Natural Harmonious State of Health, so you will achieve the vitality and integrity needed for physical living. 

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