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Who am I? Why am I here?    

Who We Are

Dr. Helen Shih is a gifted guide and advisor who is specialized in connecting people to their high purpose and inner vision. She has helped students, activists and leaders, and worked with grassroots, non-profits, and national organizations to support their vision and mission.

Dr. Shih believes everyone comes to this physical plane for certain reasons. Her life purpose is to help more people rediscover and realign themselves with such a sense of direction and high purpose. 

Let's be honest - our journey on the Earth can be full of hardships and challenges, no matter who you are. When you find your sense of direction, you will feel more at ease and at peace with yourself, content yet motivated, fulfilled yet humble. Otherwise, you may feel like a lost traveler in a jungle - confused, bewildered, or angry, frustrated, depressed, even destructive to yourself and people around you.   

Prior to become a Vision & Mission Guide, Dr. Helen Shih was a recognized cancer care professional and holistic health specialist. She accomplished some of the most extraordinary tasks including became one of the 1st PhD woman physicists in a premier cancer center (the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas), and later on started her office of Flow-of-Light Natural Health. Currently she serves as the Director of Wellness in the Living Healthy Imaging Center, in Houston, Texas.

As a mother, she has always been interested in how children grow and learn, and the process of holistic life development. Having raised two children herself who are exceptional students and emerging leaders, she has been an active member of local schools and communities, and provides support for parents and mentorship for students.

Dr. Helen Shih is also an effective organizer and a gifted strategic planner who sees and senses the roadmap to success. She is a leader of Asian American communities and national organizations for environmental advocacy and civic engagement. Her talents and experiences have been in developing vision and mission for leaders and organizations, especially those who are change makers in today's world. 

To get to know more about Dr. Helen Shih's professional background in academic medicine, holistic health and life development, you can also visit pages on these topics.